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Dr. Hinz is especially grateful to patients that refer family and friends when they are helped. The utmost care is taken to help everyone that enters Rushford Chiropractic Clinic.


Rushford Chiropractic Clinic was started in 1996 by Dr. David G. Hinz. Dr. Hinz attended the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (1982-1985) and then Northwestern College of Chiropractic (1985-1989) where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in April of 1989. He passed the Minnesota Board Examinations in June of 1989 and was licensed to practice in the State of Minnesota under license number 2655.

Dr. Hinz joined the Pain Assessment and Rehabilitation Center in Edina, Minnesota immediately after graduation and did a 6 month research fellowship at this clinic. Prior to this fellowship, Dr. Hinz published a history of Northwestern College of Chiropractic in the Association for Chiropractic History Journal. During his fellowship, he co-authored a chapter on pain for a textbook – The Neurological Examination by Joseph Ferezy, DC. Dr. Hinz continued to work as Clinic Supervisor at the Pain Assessment and Rehabilitation Clinic until 1996. This work experience allowed for a multi-disciplinary approach to health care and chiropractors worked with medical doctors, physical therapists and psychologists all in the same setting.

In 1996 Dr. Hinz moved to Rushford with his wife, Lynn (Humble) and daughter Erika. The small town setting was conducive for family life (daughter Kjersta came in 2000) and with the experience from the multi-disciplinary clinic, Dr. Hinz liked the idea of practicing in a town the same size he grew up in. Since Lynn was from Rushford and the setting was beautiful, the move was made and Rushford Chiropractic Clinic was established.

Dr. David Hinz has over 25 years of experience in treating patients from newborn to over 100 years young. He is trained to know what problems can be treated with therapy and chiropractic adjustments and what clinic presentations need to be referred to another health care practitioner.

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